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Around the Works

Jesuit Mission’s day in the sun


This year’s Indian Bazaar banked close to the highest intake it has ever recorded in its 61-year history – and 100 per cent of these proceeds will go to overseas projects aimed at alleviating hardship and nurturing prosperity.


‘The bazaar was terrific - it’s amazing what a loyal team of volunteers we have’, said Fr Phil Crotty SJ, Director of Jesuit Mission.


‘The committee is so devoted to getting it right, and they did. St Ignatius’ College, Riverview, which hosts the bazaar each year, is just so cooperative, before, during and after the event. At the end of the day we banked close to the highest intake we’ve ever had, but we won’t get the final figure until all the bills are paid.’


With the sun out and visitors streaming into the school, its campus was transformed into a carnival of sorts with stalls, rides and countless other exciting happenings. It was an occasion in which each stall and volunteer played a special part, said Fr Crotty. 


‘At the end of the day when the exhausted volunteers in the treasury added up the intake they were amazed at just how generous people can be.’


Proceeds to those in need


The effort that went into the event will have a far and comprehensive reach: proceeds will be used in East Timor to help build a high school for village boys and girls and to train teachers; in Africa and Thailand to take care of refugees; in Myanmar to train health workers; in India to educate village girls and boys; in Cambodia to care for the victims of land mines; in Nairobi to care for AIDS victims and in the Philippines to run a school for the children and grandchildren of lepers. 


‘None of these wonderful works could have been started or sustained without the help of all the friends of Jesuit Mission’, said Fr Crotty.


To learn more about Jesuit Mission’s work around the world, and how you can support it, go to www.jesuitmission.org.au.



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