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Maytime Fair miracle


The 2012 Maytime Fair was a real miracle: not your common-and-garden kind of miracle, but a walking-on-water miracle.  In spite of the gloomy forecasts of the weather gurus predicting, ‘isolated showers and drizzle patches’, the early morning sky on Saturday 5 May was a gorgeous blue, promising a perfect day, and luring the crowds to the magnificent campus of Xavier College, Kew. 


Then Melbourne pulled one of its proverbial sleights of hand and the blue sky disappeared, the rain came down and kept coming down. But the miracle? The miracle was that the crowds kept coming and coming, the bands kept playing, the food continued to be served, the stalls kept selling, the rides kept the girls screaming and the day turned out to be a terrific success. 


How did it happen? Well, just mix together 1) the Magnificent Maytime Fair Committee, 2) the most loyal supporters Jesuit Mission could ever hope for, 3) a school campus and staff to die for, 4) a wonderful array of stalls with beautiful things to sell, books, jams, raffles, vintage goods, chocolate wheels, prizes, bands, theatre sports, fashion shows, fairy tents, fabulous food, and on and on, but especially put into that amazing mix the wonderful people of the developing world whom Jesuits care for, and then miracles do happen.


An awesome miracle happened at the Maytime Fair last Saturday. To each and every one of you who made that wonderful event possible, thank you and God bless!


Fr Phil Crotty SJ, Director of Jesuit Mission.

More: www.jesuitmission.org.au


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Bob Billings SJ


Thanks Phil. You too are part of that miracle. (Praise the Lord!)

terry Meagher


A great article.Well done all concerned.The pictures were so vibrant!!

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