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Jesuit Mission says thanks


This year's Jesuit Mission Maytime Fair has raised more than $150,000 for Jesuits working in impoverished communities across Asia.


Jesuit Mission said thanks to all of the supporters and volunteers who contributed to the 1 May event at a special Mass and celebration last Thursday night at Xavier College, Kew.





Trish Barr, President of the Maytime Fair Committee, said there had been lot of new additions at this year's event, including an art exhibition and more activities for children. Students and staff from Xavier were strongly involved as always, but she said students from other schools in the area were also very active in setting up and running stalls.


‘From all of the feedback we had it was excellent', she said.


Australian Jesuit Renato Zecchin, currently based in Pakistan, was also a special guest on the night, along with missionary Fr Tom Lees SJ. Fr Zecchin spoke about his work on the ground in Pakistan, and said the support from people back home in Australia was incredibly valuable.


‘It's not an easy place to be because it's dangerous', he said. ‘The people are very poor, and so we're very grateful for your prayers and the support that you provide for us.'


The total amount raised at the event was $158,200. Australian Provincial Fr Steve Curtin accepted the funds from the Maytime Fair committee on behalf of Jesuit Mission, and said the money raised would go a long way towards helping the poor in developing communities in countries like India, Cambodia and Pakistan.


‘It's not only the money - the money goes a long way - but it's the prayers. People like Renato and so many other missionaries know that there's a wonderful army of people back home that are praying for them and supporting them', said Fr Curtin.


For more on Jesuit Mission's work, go to www.jesuitmission.org.au.


Click here for photos from the night. 


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