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New education initiative

Catholic Regional College Geelong (CRC) and the Australian Jesuits today jointly announce an agreement which establishes a relationship between CRC Geelong and Xavier College on behalf of the Australian Jesuit Province.
Catholic Regional College, a coeducational school from Levels 7 to 12 with 685 students, was founded in 1991 and is located at Drysdale east of Geelong. CRC Geelong is conducted on behalf of the Parishes of the Geelong Deanery and is located in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Catholic Regional College seeks help to focus and foster its Catholic identity, and sees that Ignatian spirituality and Jesuit educational vision will be a means to this goal. In implementing this aim, CRC will be renamed to reflect this relationship. The proposed new name will be Saint Ignatius College Geelong.
Xavier College, which the Jesuits founded in 1878, undertakes to assist CRC to implement a Jesuit style of education, known as the Ignatian pedagogy. Xavier sees reciprocal benefits for both Colleges in this arrangement.
While the partnership does not disturb the governance arrangements of each school, collaboration is expected on curriculum and ethos development. There will be common programs of staff development and occasions for exchange between the students of each college.
Mr Michael Exton, who has been the Principal of Catholic Regional College since 2005, in welcoming this agreement, said ‘This new partnership can only bring benefit to the College and to the students and families associated with it.’
Jesuit Provincial Mark Raper gave this comment: ‘Ignatian pedagogy is a rich heritage and we are happy to share it. Through such a partnership we can also learn from our association with a wider section of the Catholic and educational communities.’
‘We have asked all our Jesuit schools to reach out to sectors of society, to people with whom they would not normally have contact, and to share what they do best, namely their educational expertise, and their desire to form young people in their faith,’ said Fr Raper. ‘I congratulate Xavier College for their readiness to respond to this request, and I welcome CRC Geelong as a partner school.’
The Rector and Acting Principal of Xavier College, Fr Michael Ryan said that the Xavier Council and wider community of Xavier College welcome this relationship with Catholic Regional College, Geelong, and looks to mutual benefit for both Colleges in their collaboration.


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Fiona Terry


Fantastic news! Diversity and inclusion are only going to enhance the opportunities and awarenesses of all.

Terry Stanley


As a past student of Xavier and a present day teacher at CRC, I am absolutely delighted by the news. The joint venture will be of great benefit and excitement to all involved....Hooric Hoorah!!

John Mills New Zealand


Wonderful news.The Ignatian PEDAGOGY & SPIRITUALITY will form the students.Geelong you are lucky. Well done Fr. Mark & Fr.Gerry.

Chad Riddle


Sounds like a winner to me!

austin harvey


Congratulations on the wonderful education you are giving our daughter, Jess.

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I had a very positive meeting with Fr Brennan on Friday morning in which he presented a very sincere and unreserved apology for the hurt occasioned by his remarks at the CCJ Kristallnacht Commemoration. I believe that Fr Brennan understands why his remarks were taken to be inappropriate. Fr Brennan reconfirmed that he had not set out to draw any analogy with the Holocaust and that he finds any such comparison repugnant. I greatly appreciate the honourable way that Fr Brennan addressed the situation and his constructive contribution to interfaith dialogue.

Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence,
Senior Rabbi, The Great Synagogue, Sydney

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