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Ignatian Conversations: Fr Pedro Walpole


Part one of a two-part interview with Fr Pedro Walpole SJ by journalist Martin Flanagan. Recorded at the Jesuit Social Services All Staff Day, 12 December 2009.


An environmental scientist with experience in disaster mitigation, Fr Walpole talks about founding Environmental Sustainability for Social Change, a group using scientific data on the environment to advocate for changes aimed at making poor communities less susceptible to natural disaster. He also talks about his experiences working in an area wracked by conflict.




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sylvia miclat


I work with Pedro Walpole, and our group's name is Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC). Appreciate the value you put in our work, and yes, at the end of the day, we are talking about social justice, although that's not in our group's name :-) Thanks for giving space and time to Pedro to share the work he's done in the Philippines! Still a long way to go though.